01. After you destroy enemy radar, it will stay destroyed for the following missions. Also you can see enemy repair brigade rebuilding radar. And, you can attack it to further delay this radar return to functioning. Affects any structures, not only radars.

02. Mission types:

  • Moving mud (low-level flight with attacking multiple ground targets; looks especially great in urban warfare)
  • Suppress radar systems (weaken enemy anti-aircraft defence)
  • Ground hunting (search and destroy specific ground target, moving or static)
  • Air hunting (search and destroy specific air target)
  • Ground attack (destroy specific ground target)
  • Air fight (destroy specific air target)
  • Ground defence (defend friendly installations/troops from ground attack)
  • Air defence (defend friendly aircrafts from air attack)
  • Recon (fly over specific waypoints and detect enemy activity)
  • Photo recon (photograph site)
  • AWACS (perform Airborne Warnings and Control Systems duty for friendly forces)
  • Delivery (deliver/drop/pickup cargo/personnel/airship)

03. When you're out of fuel, you don't need to end your mission. Instead you can refuel and continue. You can refuel/reload at airbases/airstrips/flying tankers/space stations. Doing so, you can beat any previous records.

04. Frontline moving based upon friendly troops success. You can assist it.

05. For different mission types you can choose among different aircrafts:

  • bombers
  • scouts
  • fighter-bombers
  • fighters
  • interceptors
  • helicopters
  • zeppelins
  • balloons
  • transport aircrafts
  • training aircrafts
  • experimental aircrafts
  • airspace planes
  • unmanned crafts (controlled remotely, so when you'll be shot down, you won't die)
  • stealth planes
  • VTOL-crafts (incl. small recon Flivver after Tesla's "Flivver", 1928)

06. There are not all kinds of aircrafts and armament always available in a particular airbase. Travel at other bases to get them.

07. There is an economic part in the game to those players who want to enjoy it. It is in close resemblance of Milo Minderbinder's syndicate (Joseph Heller - Catch 22) where war planes were used to trade goods at a profit, primarily through black market channels. Player can get additional aircrafts, armament and promotions, in exchange for earned profit via corrupted staff officers. Technically this part is not hard to implement - it uses the basic Delivery mission type along with a couple of interface screens.

08. Dashboard consist of large HUD (standard configuration with Boresight/Gunsight, Accelerometer, Altimeter, Target Designator, etc.), Radar (with pictograms) and Target view (with Description, Specifications, Range, Bearing, Closing Velocity, LAR). Map projected onto the HUD with transparency about 80%, turning off other data.

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